Any experience with Argus?

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Does anyone have any experience using the software Argus? We are looking to potentially start using this for analyzing commercial properties and projecting cash flow. Mason

@Michele B. Got it. I don't get on the web version but now I found it. Any idea on how I can do a waterfall projection? We do a lot with value add properties. The one specific one sits 40% vacant and we will be adding additional tenants to increase income. With this tool I haven't figured out how to add this variable in to the report. It only lets me put income in but if I put in what it is currently at or what I expect it would skew the initial report. Thoughts?

I would put it in with the 40% occupancy and then again with 90% occupancy.  Then compare the two to see if the deal is a good deal.  To do this I would then make sure to figure in what it would cost to get the 60% non occupied to be occupied.  Remember time and marketing/advertising.