I am currently using an app on my iPhone called Landlord Studio. So far I have nothing but absolutely EXCELLENT opinions for this app. I have tried many apps and this is worth every single cent. First off I needed a cross platform application that was easy to use, understand and implement. This application has just that. It’s website is just as similar to its app in easier if use/understanding and tracking. The options it has for reporting are better than any other app. You ask for a report, set the filters then it generates it in .PDF for either printing or best of all, immediate options to send as an email or even a text message. This has made me and my clients so happy in being able to easily generate reports and send to the personnel needing the information. I use this app for my small PM business. I have used SimplifyEm, buildium, propertyware. This app is the best bang for your buck as the other online softwares I have used do not offer such a unique cross platform ease of use. If you are especially just starting out or are an avid investor and need a better method of tracking, this is the app/online tool to use. Every time I have emaileD the tech support, I attach images or screen recordings of my issues and they respond the same day that they are looking into it and so far have responded with same day fixes and explanations. Right now, a personal flaw is that more people will discover this app and pricing will go up. NO I do not work for them but as an individual who relies on technology and have been looking for such a product, I believe that the quality deserves the recognition. Great job landlord studio. DM me or respond to this thread as I am an active BP user and will try and give semi- annual updates.