Best Web Site Creator for Real Estate Agent

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Hello! Investor friendly Real Estate agent needing a new website with MLS IDX.

I've checked out Real Geeks and Carrot for Agents. They seem pretty similar with Real Geeks maybe taking the slight edge. 

Who are you using and do you love them? Any suggestions would be fantastic! 

I'm a software developer and have worked with a bunch of REI companies that use Carrot. As a developer, I really love how easy it is to integrate Carrot with other systems (e.g. Podio, Zapier). Because of this, Carrot enables the entire business to be automated more effectively.

I can't speak about Real Geeks.  It might also be great, but I just haven't used it.

@Lucas Carl

Placester is a great platform.

Ideally, you want to keep from getting too distracted on the tech. If you're a realtor, your goal should always be selling (or helping to buy) homes. Try not to get lost in the tech.