Software to keep track of Loans/Notes Interest Rates/Pmts

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I have a group of smaller investors that give me loans on a per project basis or into my business and we negotiate different scenarios for everyone.

They're all parties I have an existing relationship with, so I am not pooling money or violating any financing laws.

- One party gets a 60k 1st Trust Deed and prepay 6 mo interests, can renew it as long as I prepay in chunks

- One party already has 50k invested at X% and sends in another 10k at the same rate, there normal due day is the 15th and the check came on the 21st.

- Etc

I am currently using excel to track all of this and we use Quickbooks for the account. Is there a software program or excel template that is built to track investors, their returns, etc.

It'd be great if there is a program that could show all the upcoming payments, their due dates. I could add funds, it would calculate interest owed and consolidate to the same payment date and allow me to print a statement to show the math.

Anyone heard of anything that does this?

Check out TValue:


This was recommended on another thread....not sure if it does what you are looking to do, but I suspect it does.

Thank you sir, I will check it out.

I have in the past done my own loan "servicing" for company seller financed property. I/we used a page on the company web site, accessed via SSL and password protected, that shows all relevant loan information. At this point (per company resolution passed 1/2011), I am no longer going to use home grown solution(s). Instead I am going to use a third party company to service all notes we originate. For us, the cost of third party servicing is low relative to the benefits.

It looks like TValue makes you setup a different file for each loan/lender. I am looking for something that can provide a summation of all my active loans, as well as what TValue does.

So I don't miss any balloon payments, or special payment due dates.

TValue looks great if it could now only summarize each loan on a detailed screen. Does anyone know if it does?

They have a support line Steve...I would call them and ask for a demo. I bet they can give you one via Webex or some such.

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