Best place to find accredited investors

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Where is the best place on the internet to find accredited investors?

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Focusing more on *clever* ways to find accredited investors -- my team has handled most of the "obvious" places, but was wondering if there was a stone we left unturned!

@Account Closed I wish I could spout out XYZ to give you the magic formula for this. My personal opinion for when it comes to the internet is for them to come to you and reach out. How do you do that? Create a website and your brand. Start posting on social media and adding value. Write blog posts. Start a podcast. Offer a free webinar on market analysis or how to achieve financial freedom etc. Where i'm going with all of this is create value and generate a strong marketing presence. Many call this being a though leader. It takes time, money, energy, and creativity. It's one thing to find accredited investors but it's another thing to get them to know, like, and trust you. Pound the pavement and be relentless. You have to be in it for the long game. Best of luck and happy investing!

I second @Scott Morongell . Creating a brand with a thought leadership platform (podcast, YouTube channel, and/or blog) as the centerpiece is the best way to attract investors. You are perceived as an apartment expert, which increases your credibility. You are getting your name infront of people across the world while you sleep. You'll build personal connections with strangers. All you need to do is stay consistent over 6 to 12 months and express your intentions to raise capital from accredited investors (making sure you have a landing page to capture their information), you should be set.

Hello @Account Closed book with Joe Fairless "The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book" and their podcast about how to build the thought leadership platform.

Along with that they give very creative ways to network and give tools to organize all the information. (Thanks Theo!)

@Account Closed look within your own network. Find one person who is accredited and become their best friend. Likely they know more HNW individuals and can make introductions. 

In addition, become an expert in your topic of thought leadership and have them come to you. 

Read "Capital Raising" by Richard Wilson from the Family Office Club. It'll give you good insight into HNW individual mindset. 

@Account Closed had mentioned, you must have something to show to your potential investors - the track record. If you don't yet have a track record, then the most common way to do it is to partner up with an experienced investor(s) and leverage their track record to attract investors to your future deals. Also, networking helps as well.

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@Jesse Stein. High income industries or professions is probably easiest. Doctors, software engineers etc. in certain professions almost everyone in a certain profession of a certain age is probably accredited

@Account Closed one of my favorite sayings is "I can't show you 1 way to find 20 deals but I can show you 20 ways to find one!" Same applies to investors/partners. 

Start with your own network. Partner with others to leverage varied talents. Spend consistent time daily on sales training. It's the number one skill of an entrepreneur.

All the best!

@Account Closed 's book suggestion. Joe and Theo are masters of marketing and thought leadership.

This isn't exactly the internet (though maybe there is some way for them to be accessible online as well) but I'd also recommend attending Self Directed IRA conferences. I think the statistic is less than 3% of people in America have a SDIRA but you know of that 3%, a large majority are accredited and looking for investments.

Also if you combine what's said above in terms of thought leadership and marketing, and combine a charitable component, I think that can also go a long way in terms of raising capital.

@Account Closed

You want to find groups of people where there is a lot of excess capital and little access to real estate as an investment vehicle.

My network is filled with NYC tech professionals. They are a great lower level AC, because they want to put money to work and live in a fairly punishing NYC market where deals are nigh impossible. They have been my best source for finding new partners and investors. 

Not saying you're not doing this kind of networking, but I am surprised how many investors have not even considered young-ish tech professionals as a possible resource. Many of these folks have a good amount of money to put to work, and nowhere near the connections to find something reasonable.

No secret that its not anyone place. Its exactly what @Theo Hicks states as becoming the expert. Maybe thats on your social media feeds and your friends and family see you as the investment expert. But to reach out to the masses, thing bigger and how can you reach them with all the technology around. 

Besides buying ads on the internet (youtube, sites frequented by hnw individuals) thought leadership platform is the way to go. Anything else would be in person country clubs, gyms, small business owners churches and religious institutions charities pretty much any professsional person i meet i discuss investing because if theyre not accreditted they know someone who is

Joining an Angel Investment group that requires you to be an accredited investor is a good way to meet accredited investors. I am a member of one in New Orleans.