Best Auto Dialer System

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@Olena Shevchuk In two words: automatically dials. Hard to explain in two words.

Basically, you give the software a list of numbers you want to dial. It dials the first number for you and connects you to whomever picks up or plays a pre-recorded message. When you hang up from the first call, the software then immediately dials the next number for on and so forth.

This is what robo-callers use to leave you pre-recorded scam messages about back taxes owed or unclaimed money left by an unknown relative. But this is also a very effective method to contact a list of potential sellers/buyers with maximum efficiency.

I have received, from a combination of numbers, robo dialer calls from people claiming that they have driven by my property and would love to talk about doing a deal. I also receive text messages to this effect.

My problem is returning contact. When I am interested in doing a potential deal, I typically text back, asking for credentials, website, or link to a portfolio of work from their company. Unfortunately, I only get back or calls and text messages with the same introductory robot greeting. This results in my frustration and blocking all their calls and messages.

For those of you that use these services: do you have any way of filtering through responses and actually calling people back? Or does it all have to go through the robot system?

Until I understand that, I will continue to look for deals the old fashioned way and will continue to report robo-dialers as SPAM to my provider and have their numbers blocked.