The Quest for Dynamic Data For Prospecting In Real-Time

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I follow a lot of post on this forum about gathering information on motivated sellers and using it for prospecting. The big sites are mentioned  (List Source, Zillow, Attom Data API) for sourcing house data. It seems OP starts out with good ideas and then a couple years pass and nothing more is mentioned. So, I decided to start my own thread.

The most common response for prospecting list "why not just buy a list and mail to them... or buy 2 list and stack them and then phone/mail." My problem with that is list lose value, houses sell, vacants aren't vacant, people pay delinquent taxes, landlords replace tenants,  ect. 

I want data that is evergreen: when the house sells the new owners mailing address is updated, Somehow gather all "list"  combined, stacked, updated and output daily. That way you don't need to source new list. 

I started a beta project in Tarrant County TX to see how much of my quest could be completed.

Step 1 Collect every Parcel ID in the county.

Step 2 Standardize every address and owner name

Step 3 Crack LLC's to find rep/owner/manager

Step 4 Create relationships between owners and properties (how many properties they own) 

Step 5 Gather Delinquent Tax roll filter and apply to owner

Step 6 Run Vacancy status on every valid parcel address

Step 7 Collect all "pain causing" court cases daily and scrub for owners address

Step 8 House all court records that match owners.

Step 9 Create a SellScore that displays current and historical court cases

Step 10 Make filters for all data to be sorted in cloud and downloaded if needed

Step 11 Data append phone,email and daily update of owners that have court cases

I think this covers the most common list.

  • Vacant
  • Absentee
  • Tax Delinquent
  • Liens
  • Eviction
  • Divorce
  • Probate  

The end result will output 2 csv files daily


2nd file- Just phone formated for RVM or Text upload

What other information would you add to create your perfect prospecting? 


The best program I found is LINQPad5. If you are like me and DON'T know SQL.  It allows access your DB with C# and writes SQL that actually works. This lets you manipulate all data inside the database for output on a website/portal 

@Nettles Mason How has this worked out? At the time of this posting did you already have this entire system in place and automated, or were you still in the process? Gathering, manipulating and continually updating data has been an ongoing bottleneck in my marketing.

@Chris Trupiano Yes, I fully automated it in 5 counties so far. We are developing a sync between texting (LeadSherpa), Podio (BeastMode CRM) and out custom databases to work together on Do not call, Dead leads, Direct Mail (Yellowletterhq) to fully automate prospecting. Our first AI prospecting that uses pain point data rather than some bs numerical algorithm !

@Nettles Mason I can’t say my data skills come close to this level. My only other thought of lists to add would be for water **** offs. This would need to be sourced from the utility not county most likely.

Do you source all lists daily from the county? I’m assuming they have a regularly updated online source for all this data then.

@Chris Trupiano I appreciate your suggestion on the water cutoffs. Will check it out.

Data is sourced from public sites or purchased.

Tax data is updated quarterly

Property Records - monthly 

Vacancy - every 2 weeks

Civil Court - daily 

Combine blacklist from all marketing platforms - daily

CRM scrubbed monthly to remove houses that sold

Simple Overview- Person owns real estate has a problem, system identifies them as prospect, stacks historical pain to create SellScore and markets to them the day they have their "pain point". We use 3 different marketing platforms. Text, RVM, Direct Mail (Door knocking-Geo route mapping & Facebook are developed and coming soon). When they sell, become a lead, or ask to be removed from list system will remove them from all marketing.

Real time data is the future of real estate. It is here now and will only get better.


@Benjamin Parker  

Yes, we built out 5 counties that are running. It took wayyyy longer than expected but added many new features. 

Most of our users run Podio for their CRM (BeastMode to be exact) 

We integrated or synced Podio, texting platform and are finalizing direct mail and RVM now.

Having clients upload their marketing list and integrate with data we collect is where we are at right now.

This will almost automate the prospecting side of marketing.

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