Software For Pulling Historical Data

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Hey All,

Curious if anyone knows of any type of software where I can pull the historical real estate data for specific geographic areas?  E.g., "The median sales prices in XXXXX ZIP code between 1990 - 2019."  Any recommended APIs or places where one could pull this kind of data?


@Geordy Rostad , I've been playing around with my local MLS and that actually seems like it will work the best. We have Realist as well, but I haven't used it in-depth for running stats. I'll definitely be sure to check that one out too. Thanks!

@Kyle Renke

Some folks on youtube have made videos about how to dig into some of Realist's more advanced features. Sometimes the tax records in different counties can act funny depending how zoning, land use, and things like that are recorded but ultimately I think most of the data is actually there. Here's a screenshot. Everything you need is in the bottom two dialog windows. There's more criteria there than you'll know what to do with.