Virtual assistants looking for work

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I have a couple of English-speaking Venezuelan friends who have fled their country recently and starting their lives over from scratch. One in Brazil, one in Colombia.

My questions: how often do real estate investors use VAs? What is the typical hourly pay? What is the best way for a VA to find work (particularly for real estate investors)?

Sorry to hear about your friends. Well done to them for taking charge and trying to make things better.

In terms of pay, it is all over the map. It really comes down to what they can offer. The benefits to the customer will define or frame what someone can earn.

What they know about USA  real estate and their technical skills when it comes to tools.

RE Investors use VA's all the time to do remedial work so they can leverage their time better. Those include cold calling appointments, sending emails, letters, etc. The rates that I have heard of is $4-6/hr but that is really dependent on their skill level, language skills, and amount of training that is required to get them going.

To find work, posting on here is great for job opportunities, going to local REIA and talking to some people that would be interested in the work, Craiglist, and is a great site also.