Advice on setting up a website with virtual tours?

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I’m in the process of refining the way I handle viewings with potential tenants. I have a number of units, and with working a day job, scheduling in-person viewings for each prospective tenant has become far too time consuming.

I’m hoping to set up a relatively cheap website that will provide virtual tours, then I will email the application if interested, and then from there I will meet them to collect application/fee and do an in-person viewing.

I would love some recommendations on the most cost effective way to do this. I don’t have the money to hire an expensive web designer at the moment. Someone suggested possibly having a student in school for web design do the website and set things up for me.

Has anyone done this, or could someone recommend the most cost effective way to have the site and virtual tour set up? I have no idea where to look or where to start. Any advice would be helpful. TIA!

Hi @Joshua Biondi -

If you're wanting people to submit an application and pay you a fee before they've ever stepped foot inside the property, I'm going to guess that your virtual tour will need to be pretty impressive.  The best on the market, that I'm aware of, is a Matterport 3D tour.

Do a search in your local market for real estate photographers that agents are using when they need to market a listing - depending on your market, I'm guessing you'll find a handful of photographers that offer the Matterport tour as part of one of their packages.  There's a good chance they bundle in a single-property website as part of that package, too.  If they do, you're all set - you'll have photos, a 3D tour and a hosted website done for you.

Good luck!

@Brian Sparr

Hi Brian. No, I meant that I would email them the application after the virtual tour if they seem to be interested, and then I would collect application and fee after meeting them in person to do a walkthrough.

My thought process is that them taking the virtual tour, and then taking the time to print out the application before meeting, will at least show that they are actually interested in renting.

I get a ton of people that schedule appointments and don’t show up, or show up to say they have evictions or they’re income doesn’t qualify, even after I’ve screened them on the phone.

I figure this may eliminate some of that...hopefully lol. I’d love to know your thoughts on this idea, or if you have any suggestions on a better method. Also, thanks for pointing me in the right direction for the virtual tours!

My cousin and I would be able to design a website for you at a very affordable price, as long as you can provide the media (photos, video). Probably the easiest way is to buy a 360 degree camera and use that, or hire a photographer on Freelancer or similar apps to get the media for you. 

Most web browsers nowadays support WebVR, allowing a potential tenant to view VR content on their computer, tablet, and even smartphone! Think of Google Streetview, it would be similar to that. Or we could do a 3D rendering of the units and they could tour that (probably not as effective but likely cheaper).