Tethering your cell phone to your laptop for free (almost)

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I have a droid razr maxx (Android operating system), and Verizon charges each month if you want to tether the phone and use it as a modem with your pc or laptop.

Amazon has an app called Easy Tether Pro. There is a one time charge ($5 bucks) I was able to download the app to my phone and my laptop and get 4G internet for free.

Yay! It's tough to work on a phone and get any real work done if you're travelling, and I didn't want to add an ipad to my collection of gadgets yet. This worked for me, try it and let me know what you think.

Are you saying you can get internet from your phone to your laptop without paying that extra $25 mo or so?

Jeff Sielicky @Ann Bellamy yes there is aways to go around it. I tried easy tether pro. Personally i liked pdanet the best. But it is not an wifi you have to use a cable to connect to your laptop. It is a very good connection service. As far as wifi i use foxfi. You can use without cable.You can use it for any tablets and laptops[

Yes, exactly. You do need a cable from phone to laptop but the internet connection is from your 4g on your phone. I'll have to look at pdanet and foxfi.

I'm tethering as we speak from an android. Acts like a wifi hotspot. No extra charge. They can't track it. The phone representative is the one who told me I could do it. Have been doing it for years when traveling. Just don't go over your data limit and you should be fine. My phone came loaded with this option, but you should be able to get an app to do it.

@Wesley C. What's the name of the program you use? I've been using the free EasyTether option and it doesn't work well at all. I guess maybe I should just pony up the extra $5

@Ann Bellamy they both worked like a charm for me. foxfi is a wifi service

I don't use a program as it is actually preinstalled on my Samsung and doesn't have a name. So I can't speak as to which apps are good. Wife has it one her LG as well. Under settings you can find the option. U.S. cellular sold me the phone, so if they had a problem with it you'd think they wouldn't offer a phone with that as an option. But, like I said, the rep is the one who showed me the feature.

Oh, I don't see that option. Thanks anyway, Wesley. Five-dollar payment it is.

On an Android device, free wifi hotspot can be had by rooting and installing a free wifi tether app. No $25 charge, no cables.

Get a tech savvy relative or friend to help, or youtube [your device] root.

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