Would you use this and what would you pay for it.

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Good Morning,

I am launching a website for agents/investors to build their luxury/estate/large property websites.

I was a realtor and website designer and the reason I built this platform was because I could not find a property website that included all the visual marketing efforts that a large property should have. I believe these websites would set any agent above the rest in their listing presentation. So we would like you to build one at no cost and let give us your feedback on the website and what you feel would be fair pricing.

You are welcome to sign in and build one at no charge.

An example website can be found at the following link:https://www.realtyinterface.com/property/?page=P-1562349199&preview=0
Agents can signup and build their own at our homepage:http://www.realtyinterface.com
This link will show you how easy they are to setup:https://www.realtyinterface.com/create/
Thank you for your consideration and time and I look forward to hearing your feedback or any questions you may have.

Rosanne Avila

@Rosanne Avila

There are many sites out there, that do the same thing , that offer :
. Multiple templates to choose from
. data analytics
. Lead capture
. automatic social media posting
. posting to targeted market mailings
. Interface with multiple RE platforms

I don't see these with your web pages, What sets your product apart from the rest ?

Most of thes sites ahve a price point of 19 to 29 for 5 properties

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