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Hi All,

I just started getting into Real Estate here in Charlotte NC a couple years ago. In the past I have ran the numbers on the deals and split the work between my partner from the deal finder/analyzer perspective. Recently I have been seeing a lot of traction on Real Estate software (REI Robot, deal finders etc.). I've also heard that nothing beats the old school way. Just wanted to reach out and get a conversation started.

1. Thoughts on this type of software?

2. Has it been helpful for anyone out there? If so, any recommendations on which ones?

Thank you in advance!!

I have tried all the "automated software", everything from Connected Investors to Freedomsoft. It is better and cheaper to use a CRM like and just shape it to your business. If you want to automate just hire and train some VA's. Hope this helps.

I manage my rental property through an app called Tellus. I use it for all the property management stuff now, including marketing listing, screening tenants, rent collection and keeping track of all the financial reports. Maybe you can have a try! 

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