Which CRM Tool do you use to manage your business?

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Which CRM applications do you use to manage your business? I am looking for something that I can use to track contacts, run reports, store leads, automate emails, etc. As a Pro-Member, are there any CRM applications that we can use at a discount? I checked, but didn't see anything that really fit.

I use Contactually. It's more relationship-focused than transactional, which sets it apart for me. I find most CRMs to just be project management tools for tracking existing business opportunities, rather than tools to help build long term relationships.

@Addison Ricci We use Airtable in conjuction with Zapier for automation with Google Drive, Gmails, Websites, Mailchimp, etc. The visuals and customization make it more appealing to Podio in our opinion. The learning curve is not as steep as Podio as well, however, as its a newer product, it definitely requires some experimentation to achieve the desired goal. Its a large canvas, up to you what you want to draw so to speak. Additionally, its a free platform for the first 1200 records so upfront costs are minimal.