Demand for cashflow analysis software

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I have recently began an interest in real estate investment. My career is in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, so I am experienced developing software. I see a need for a modeling software for this type of investment. Excel is nice, but for more complicated schemes (creative financing ect.), it can become a mess very quickly. The complexity of analyzing these types of deals makes it much harder to brainstorm in terms of numbers. What I imagine is a solution to this. A modeling software that allows users to analyze deals, with building blocks used in common deals (mortgages ect.), but also the ability to define custom financing options or cash flow schemes. The ability to rapidly prototype novel deals will make the planning of an investment strategy much smoother. Is this something that others think would be a powerful tool? I have begun work on this and I am curious if there is any interest.

There are some apps very successful out there already. BP hav their own calculators, An I can tell you that Dealcheck is awesome, and it works pretty well.