Best Property management & accounting software?

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We currently only have 14 units so we don’t want to spend a tone of money on software yet but I know some people might think it’s worth it to start with the best software now to support you as you grow? I dont know looking for tips!! :)

The question is; what do you want your software to do for you. Otherwise, everyone has their own personal software they love and use for very different reasons.

Who is doing your bookkeeping?
How are you doing your bookkeeing?
Who is doing your year end taxes?

For myself, I develop all my own software and don't use one canned software. I like simple, fast, accurate and idiot-proof.

@Jack Orthman so far it’s all us with the help of our accountant who’s also an investor. We’re looking for a software that will help us better organize our book keeping on the rental side but also on the construction side (we build rentals from the ground up so it’s almost like we have 2 businesses)

We we’re looking at Buildium but we find it to be too expensive and comprehensive for our current size.