Aspect of online marketing you wish you could find help with?

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We have used professionals for our PPC/SEO previously.  

Lesson I learned, when starting out you're going to waste a lot of money in Google Ads.  Unfortunately the way they operate, it requires you to discover keywords people search, then add the bad ones as 'Negative Keywords'.

I think you're better off having somebody teach you the rudimentary basics.  Then start to refine your Negative Keywords on your own.  Consultants only check them once a week at max or once a month, depending on the volume you receive.

For the website part, what are the most important things you would need on the website?

  1. I assume it will need information about yourself.
  2. Properties you are handling or dealing with
  3. Some information about the market
  4. Capturing leads 

What else?

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