DRIVEBUYREI App. Anyone use it?

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Anyone use it ? I downloaded the app and it works smooth, and has improved my ability to capture info for houses we want to market to. 

On the down side it has been near impossible to get into contact with the company with some issues we have experienced. The "contact or help" e-mail button sends an email to a address that does not exist, so it kicks back all emails. 

I currently researching the App because they are a BP Vendor, yet there's very little information from people who are using it. Any information you are able to provide will useful to a great deal of people. 

Aside from the lack of support, how do you feel overall about the program? 

Why did you settle on that specific program?

When did you start using it, how has it changed your business or affected your results?

I would greatly like to hear your thoughts on this...


I am currently in limbo with drivebuyrei, I don't know if I am still a member or not? They have merged with profitdrive and since that happened my password does not work but they are still charging me and I can't seem to find a way to contact them. The system works as it should, it is very nice for stream line the process of connection with potential homes. 

At first I had a big issue that never got resolved. I had tagged maybe 15-20 homes on a drive that I did and before I could send post cards to them, my system had said "Michael" marketed to the houses. ( I am not michael nor do I know one)

There is only one email address to send messages to with drivebuyrei. 50% of the time the emails would bounce back as "Mailer deamon could not send message" error. The owner of drivebuyrei replied a week later and said "That's odd I will look into that" . I never did get a response, and after several more messages I gave up on trying to find out what happened.

I am VERY short on time for trying to invest in homes, so a system like this really looked good to me, it looked like it would cut down the time it took to contact with potential homesowners. I haven't been able to use the system because I am "locked" out of the app, and the owner will not communicate. I also haven't had anytime to even drive looking for homes. In the end I sent out about 400 +/- I did get 3 calls out of that 400, all of them were looking to get retail for a home in dire need of extensive repairs & updating. It was discouraging for sure and has kept me from pushing forward. 

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