Best tools for analyzing Airbnb?

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Hi BPers,

I've been testing out different platforms to analyze Airbnb short term rental properties.  Among them, AirDNA, Hostology and Mashvisor.  Do you have a favorite?  What do you like most about it?  Are there others you would recommend?

I've been using Hostology most recently to analyze market potential for an Airbnb I'd like to purchase in Bend, Oregon.  Having run my own Airbnb, I know that the data is only as good as what's feeding into the tool.  I do like the High-Medium-Low ranges it gives for ADR (Ave Daily Rate) and Occupancy so I can use that for running my numbers.  

I also really like that it gives me a list of comps to get a concrete idea of what is feeding into the data for the particular type of property (private or shared, number of bedrooms, baths and guests that can be accommodated).  It also gives me a view into the future occupancy for the comps so I can get a sense for what "sells."

Any thoughts?  Would love to hear what others are using and finding useful.



Hey @Larissa Friesen

That is awesome that you already have experience running an airbnb! 

I like all of those sites mentioned - preferably Airdna's rentalizer tool where you can input a physical address and it forecasts your revenue, adr and occupancy. Obviously this is a prediction and not guaranteed but it compares it against the data from other properties similar and close by. 

I also like to reach out to other hosts on airbnb and talk to them about it. In my experience, most hosts are looking to help other hosts, so if you find other hosts on airbnb and ask to chat they will more than likely be happy to. 

Anyways, best of luck in Bend! Keep us posted on how it goes.