Facebook ads for new apartment rentals ?

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Has anyone ever used Facebook ads for advertising vacant units? I have a new building under construction to be completed Jan 2020 and am thinking about trying this out to see if I can get some interest. Any tips or feedback would be great!

@Adam Dow I'm surprised you haven't had a response.

I post stuff on facebook all the time and it works well. I don't use paid ads for rentals but I post them on my facebook business page and then share those to various local pages. Search for classifieds or real estate or rental pages in your town or county and see what pops up.

Video is king! FB algorithm loves video and not so much plain pictures. Do a walk-through of the property and/or one of the apartments. You can use a gimble to stabilize the video on your phone as you walk and that makes the video look professional. Be sure to record in at least 1080p. 

In my opinion, facebook advertising is the most efficient advertising, second only to word of mouth. You can really dial in your demographics within a geographic location. A lot of my FB ads success came when posting videos in the 9-10pm range and the 2-3pm range. 

Hope this helps.