Warning for folks considering using MashVisor

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Hi Lovely BiggerPockets Folks,

Just a warning to anyone considering using MashVisor. I signed up for a subscription earlier this year and decided to cancel. I went online and cancelled my subscription. They charged me anyway. I called no fewer than 5 times never reaching a human being and left 3-4 message stating the issue and requesting a confirmation that my account was cancelled and a refund. I never got a response. I finally filed a dispute with my credit card company. And now it's 3 months later and like clockwork they've charged me again. I've already left another message. We'll see if there is any response this go around. The only time you might reach a person is to sign up or get a demo. Otherwise their business philosophy appears to be ghosting customers for a steady income stream. I so regret ever signing up and you might too.

$279 per quarter. After reaching out again with an email and another voicemail, someone finally reached back and cancelled my account that I wasn't able to cancel online myself. So the recent response has been nice, but I'm not sure what happened to those 3 voicemails left over the summer. Luck of the draw I

FYI - in the future for services who may be unscrupulous about cancelling or trials - you can create virtual credit cards using privacy.com and set one-time or monthly limits and lock that card to that merchant. Then you have control and can cancel your virtual card whenever you want. We do that for recurring real estate tech or marketing we pay for and especially when trying stuff out. Sometimes they make it super-easy to signup, but they have policies you find out later where you have to call in to cancel.