Deal check app vs bigger pockets rent calculator

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I have found an app on the google play store(android) I dont know if its available for apple but its called "dealcheck" and its FREE. I have used it to run some numbers on cash flow and have found it easier to navigate and enter numbers vs the BP calculator. I know easier isnt always the best option especially if its becuase its not taking certain cost into consideration ect. I was wondering if anyone else has used this app and if not if they would try it out and see if it does the same thing or if anyone else has a free calculator to use.


@Austin Cooke yeah I haven't used that one specifically but I'm a big fan of free calculators.  Just do the math by hand on a couple and see if it matches up.  You can also make your own calculator in Google Sheets/ Excel

Hi @Austin Cooke lots of app base approaches out there for both platforms. I like Property Evaluator Pro myself. Much faster than the old school spreadsheet based approaches that expect investors to sit behind a desk than get out there and hustle on the go. There's all DealCrunch, DealMachine, and several others jumping on the bandwagon of giving you a mortgage, comp, and ARV calculator in your pocket. It's pretty simple math when you know the routine and the more important thing is knowing how close those estimates of anything are to reality on the street. That's where your (or your network's) local knowledge comes in to fill the gap.

Use the calculators as second check or baseline. Know the market reality to make the buy.