Property inspection App

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Hello BP. I'm looking for a free or inexpensive option for doing basic property inspections. Something where a report can be created with notes and photos through an app, and preferable a desktop option as well. Similar to what you would find in property management software like Appfolio or Propertyware, but not tethered to those products. Most of the products I've found have been way more than what I actually need, and hence, very expensive.

@Bobby Valcin Have you considered using OneNote? You could create a template that you could use over and over. You can create checklists, take photos, flag items and all kids of cool features. It also seamlessly integrates with OneNote on your computer via the cloud. Super easy to use. I use if for all kinds of things. I love OneNote and I’ve used it for a property inspection/tour before.

Just my $0.02


@Bobby Valcin I should add that OneNote is part of the Microsoft Office Suite basic package. So if you don’t have Office you would need to purchase it. Most people have some version of it. The other option is to use Microsoft Office 365 which is their fully hosted in the cloud version. I just checked and it looks like there is a free version of OneNote that you can download here