Idea Feedback - Daily e-mail with properties with lowered price

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about a year ago I created a small tool that automatically visits most real estate agent websites in my country (Belgium) and looks for any properties for which the price has dropped since the day before.  It then sends me an e-mail with these properties every morning.  The goal is to find deals from motivated sellers.  I really like looking at these e-mails while having coffee each morning.

I was talking about it recently with some friends and a few also wanted to get this e-mail every day.

So now there's about 10 people that get this email daily.

I was wondering, are there any other people (in Belgium or interested in Belgium market) that would find this interesting?  Or what are your general thoughts on this idea?

Would it be worth a few $/€ a month for anyone to get these e-mails?

Here's an example of what an e-mail looks like (in dutch) : 

Hi there!

I am from Belgium and I also would be interested in using this tool! I don't know whether such a tool allready exists online for the Belgian real estate market (as far as I know not, but then again I'm not that experienced). 

Personally i would offcourse prefer a free version, but to be honest I think some people would find this really helpfull and would be happy to pay (recurringly) a certain amount of money for this tool.

Are there also special features you can do with it like sort on a certain region or only sends an email after a certain percentage of price drop, etc. ? 

I'd be happy to test and give feedback on this tool :) I've just been working for one year now and I'm looking to buy something small for next year where some rehab is necessary and which I could househack as well. 


currently e-mails can be configured per province only.  Not by percentage difference.

If you send me a PM with your e-mail address I'd be happy to add you to the list in exchange for some feedback.

That offer is also valid for other interested people.

Thank You.

After some great feedback from the people that joined the mailing list from Bigger Pockets, users can now self register, and choose exactly for which postal codes they want to monitor price changes of Real Estate in Belgium.

I also decided to make the service completely free.

Thank you for the feedback and for helping me test this.