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Besides the BP forums, how can the major social media sites such as instagram, facebook, twitter, linkedin etc... be of use to a real estate professional or real estate investor? Any success stories or strategies that would increase deal flow?

Social media is tricky in my honest opinion. I have found more success in posting about real life through our social media than I do about specific properties. Our market prices are high and tend to leave a negative impression on some people. As a company we try to share about events that are local, about happy clients, etc. I am still adapting to what to post and who my target audience is but I feel sharing real life happenings, what you do for your clients to set yourself apart, great experiences and such leaves a lasting impression more so than advertising properties. Be you and be genuine!

Thanks @Catherine Emert ! So true. I’m thinking of getting a book on the subject too. I see other realtors post “helpful” real estate content such as free equity calculators or “what is your home worth” calcs or interesting articles about the market or scams to watch out for. I think you’re right about posting highly priced properties since that might send a negative message.

In today's environment, you have to start thinking about your social media as an accessory to your bigger marketing strategy.

Yes, you can go viral and collect 1m followers who will give you organic deal flow -- but let's assume that won't happen. Next, you may think the strategy is to post quality content consistently to build up your brand. That'll help, but you'll find you're shouting into a void most of the time.

What all these tactics are lacking is heavy targeting. Being an influencer in the real estate forums and Facebook groups isn't the social media traction we want, we're all looking for the same thing in those -- deals, you need a different target audience.

So, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. DO fit in the strategy, but where?..

Want to know the only reason we post on pages?
To bring CPC down on our ads.

Consider it all pay to play -- if you're not paying in ad spend, you're paying in production value. 

Now, think of your social media content as the freemium version of what you're actually selling. Ask yourself, "What's a compelling and complementary piece of content I can push out to that would be a great follow up to my latest ad campaign everyone is seeing?"

Piggy backing off your paid promotions is critical since you keep your messaging consistent and you control the narrative as people are going from cold to warm.

Overall, unless you're buying traffic with direct response marketing or have some other bigger strategy in place, social media won't create the deal flow you're looking for.

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