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Hello BP Community! 

I am just getting started on my REI journey and wanted to see how the rest of the RE world is leveraging technology to meet their unique goals. Currently, my partner and I are looking into MultiFamily properties in the Lehigh Valley market in Pennslyvania. Using the BRRRR model, we are hoping to acquire a portfolio of cash-flowing properties that we will hold for the longterm. With that being said, I know that we will eventually need a CRM to supercharge, automate, and streamline our business and ultimately allow us to lock down more properties at a faster rate.

I personally come from a tech background, having worked as a Salesforce engineer for the past several years. While Salesforce is an amazing CRM and can be developed to do just about anything you need, I am curious if there are other CRM platforms that may better be suited for real estate investing. I have heard of others using HubSpot, but beyond that, I am not sure what would be considered a viable option.

For those using CRMs currently....

1. What CRM are you using? 

2. Why did you choose that platform?

3. What is unique in the way you are leveraging your CRM?

4. What is the greatest benefit to using your CRM of choice and how has it positively benefited your business?

Thanks in advance for the feedback and insights :) 



Podio, it integrates with MOJO & LeadSherpa.  I believe Podio is built on SalesForce's platform/coding.  Podio has integrations with the best tools you will use as a marketer.  

I use ActiveCampaign, because CRM functions, email marketing, and automations are all built in. The CRM functions is probably AC's weakest point, the email marketing and automations are powerful and easy to use. It also integrates well with Wordpress, which is helpful if you're building an email list.

@Justin Black As you probably know from selling the Salesforce product, it's about meeting the need and possibly predicting the direction or growth of the client. At least, this is how I like to pick platforms for my business in real estate.  Being in IT as well, I usually value products based on price, meeting the need, scalability or automation and overall simplicity of use.

Pick a product too complicated and watch your property manager or real estate partner on a deal cringe every time they use it. Pick a product too expensive before your business is "there" yet and this leaves little room for any other application or platform in other categories.

So for now, I've settled on Pipedrive due to cost, simplicity and it meets my need. Simple pipeline workflows with automation and a database of contacts. I evaluated Podio, Copper, Airtable and others.

I like to integrate Zapier in all my business applications and so Zapier creates workflows/deals for me based on customer outreach in Pipedrive. Again cost-savings and simple.

Greatest benefit, ease of use and in-line tracking of every conversation(email) or activity with a contact all by syncing with Google Gmail. 

@Justin Black each time someone asks for recommendations on a CRM tool to use in their business it opens up a can of worms and a big feeding frenzy from everyone that has key word notifications set, including myself. If I was to recommend one tool over another it would be a disservice to the craft of Wholesaling as well as real estate investing as a business. Being a Citrix partner and programmer/integrator of their products as well as a real estate investor that collaborates with start ups as well as 7 figure flippers, I will suggest this:

1. Have a clear picture of what your business model will look like now and in the future.

2. Create the process flows that will accommodate your business model. Make sure you understand the progression of the workflows so they can be automated.

3. Pick an automation solution that is federated (meaning not an all in one solution yet integrated across resources that you will need), scalable to grow as your enterprise needs grows, simple enough to use as a startup yet teachable to your team members as they onboard and assist your growth and most important minus the fluff which can be confusing and expensive from the beginning as most of the features you won’t even use in your day to day operations.

Hope this helps you and best of luck now and in the future.

1) @Justin Black , Salesforce and Hubspot are corporate CRM. I usually do not recommend them for beginner investors.

2) @Patrick Jackson  was right when he wrote:

  • Your topic has been sounded at the BiggerPockets forum thousands of times
  • The answer depends on your business model.

But novice investors usually write a little about their business models. Therefore, CRM experts have to take a crystal ball and give polar different answers (image source).

3) Unfortunately, I have no Patrick Jackson's patience to answer the same question. That's why I prepared the Top CRM software for REI. There are links to CRM reviews. Verified users answer 4 questions for each CRM:

  1. What do you like best?
  2. What do you dislike?
  3. Recommendations to others considering the product
  4. What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

So, "Top 50 CRM Software for Real Estate Investment".

4) If you don't have time to explore the Top 50 CRM, the short answer is this.

Citrix Podio is the mega-popular CRM by real estate investors. Patrick Jackson, by the way, is the Citrix Podio's expert. DM to him, he will answer your questions about Citrix Podio.

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Sorry, link: "Top 50 CRM Software for Real Estate Investment"