Social Media in Real Estate/Property Management

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Hi there! As we all know, social media is an extremely important tool to market ourselves, our services and our properties. Posting too often can come across as 'annoying' to our followers and infrequently posting does not make a brand memorable. Based on this:

1) How often should you post on a feed (example: Instagram). How often do you post on an Instagram story?

2) What types of content do you recommend posting?

3) Do you plan our your posts?

4) Do you use software that schedules your posts and posts them for you? If so, what do you use? Would you recommend it?

5) How do you increase engagement?

Anything helps! I love hearing the good, the bad and the ugly stories as I believe we all have something to learn from everyone's successes/mistakes. Also, feel free to drop your business' social media handle below and I will check it out. Thanks in advance everyone! :)

Regarding social media, I think few people will care if you only post something like, "Available for rent!" Most of the content should be geared towards providing values (market trend, "hacks & tricks" of managing rentals, etc.) to your target customers, not selling about how good you are or what properties are available.