Anyone with Hemlane experience

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Does anyone have experience using hemlane? This is my first rental property and was considering using this platform and was wondering if anyone had personal experience. What would be the pros and cons you have experienced, if any? Thank you

Hey James. I just started using Hemlane this month. I only have few units. So far, its fine, but I feel like I'm overpaying for pretty much the same features (or less features) than the cheaper ones like Cozy and Avail. I did like that I could invite my property manager (who has her own Hemlane account) to manage a couple of my units, and I can pay her directly through it as well. I'm disappointed there's no signature feature to have my tenants sign leases, etc. I'll now have to do that via a third party like Docusign. I'll be interested to see if anyone else chimes in on this thread with their experiences. Also curious to know your thoughts if you end up going with it or what you choose instead.

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I've been using it for 3 years and love it. Their customer service is by far the best as my tenants can contact them directly for tech questions. I looked at Cozy and Avail but they didn't do it for me - couldn't add a leasing agent and contractors, text message to contractors, and tenants didn't like the higher fee for their credit report. Haven't used Hemlane's 24/7 repair coordination but considering it if people have feedback on that. Heard it was really good from someone who transitioned from Appfolio to Hemlane. 

I just signed up for the 1 month trial and I like the sleek, clean look of the site. It's easy to navigate too. I test drove Buildium, but have received a bunch of conflicting feedback and am not sold yet on their company. I currently use Cozy, but they've partnered with recently and I'm not a fan on how long it takes to withdraw the funds from the resident's account. I can wait 5 business (currently), but I need the payment out of the account asap. I'll update this with my experience. 

I am using it since 2 months now. 

1st trial free month: Got an agent assigned to help with tenant placement. That agent was super awesome. He got lots of repairs done, placed a tenant. He took care of all the repairs, got multiple quotes, let me choose the vendors, ads, tenant showings, selections and finally placement. 

By the time all the repairs were done, tenant started from 2nd month. 2nd month is with hemlane with 24/7 maintenance support. I had 1 maintenance request with the tenant and it went well. It is not completely passive as you are still the PM. Tenant initially contacted me for the repair and I asked them to contact hemlane. Hemlane took over, requested bids but only 1 vendor responded. Eventually the vendor I added to my account did the work and hemlane paid him.

I am not sure if that was the best price I got because there was only 1 quote. Need to see what happens later with the future maintenance requests.

Ok, 2nd month, 2nd maintenance request from the tenant. Tenant saw some termites near fireplace and was worried. Tenant uploaded a photo to Hemlane and opened a Maintenance request but also pinged me on my phone (which is what I wanted to avoid, because of timezone differences). Hemlane started sourcing for this request. They only sourced for 1 vendor, who scheduled, inspected and gave a quote for $1350 - this took about 4 days.

One thing to note, hemlane only sources and works with licensed professionals, which they clearly documented somewhere on their website. In a way this is good but also expensive. Here is the good part, hemlane realized the quote was high and pinged me, plus, also reached out to an agent for a referral. Since the referral we got didn't have a license, hemlane didn't go with them and suggested that they will find someone else. The referral was from a trusted agent and they were in the termite business for a long time, I was open to go with them due to better prices.

Requested hemlane to consider them but also find other vendors. The hemlane co-ordinator didn't respond for a day (later learned he got sick and was off that day) and since it has already been 10 days since the request was opened, I decided to directly deal with this issue, got the inspection and work done in 2 days.

I wanted to avoid taking over the maintenance request and let hemlane deal with it to understand the process and see if this is sustainable with multiple homes with them. But I had to ultimately take over, because, the tenant was really worried it getting delayed. Not sure if this would be the case by a real PM on-site. I guess not. I have 3 other homes with an on-site PM and never got involved anything maintenance related, but I believe the repair costs are high ? 

Ultimately, it bears repeating, Hemlane is not at all passive even with full maintenance plan, but it somewhere in the middle of onsite PM and doing on your own.

Hey Hemlane clients, 

How has your experience been so far? It seems Hemlane has made some updates to their platform and maintenance protocol. 

Are you feeling it is worth it? Are you still having to manage maintenance and repairs when Hemlane falls through? Does anyone have voucher/section 8 tenants using Hemlane? 

Would love to hear more about the pros and cons of this platform and semi-self-managing.


I've never had another maintenance request from the tenant since I posted 5 months ago. So far so good. Not aware of what new changes Hemlane made within those 5 months.