Where to get lists- delinquent taxes, h20 bills, etc

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Hey BP community!

Long time reader, first time poster! I’m an AZ native who’s working on wholesaling, flipping, and buy and holds in AZ and FL (Tampa and Jacksonville).

Looking to start networking with RE Gurus, agents, investors, contractors, private/hard money lenders, title agents, and anyone who would like to say hi and keep in touch!

I took the advice of many and after reading and reading some more I finally started taking action. I had some down time from my 9-5 and so started looking for deals the week of Thanksgiving. I got a deal under contract and I didn’t know ANY buyers or about the process so I started asking and sent it out to a dispo team that a friend introduced me to. Fast forward several weeks- the house closed today and I got my first check. $5,000..

I’m reaching out as I start chapter two of this new journey: the 2nd-22nd house. I hope to write this chapter as quick as possible and so for that, I am reaching out to all of you.

I’m looking for a way to get lists. I’m very familiar with the search function and have exhausted the majority of options previously written about so I’m trying to get creative. I’m looking to network with contacts who might have these of records for: tax delinquencies, past due water, pre foreclosure, vacant/ AO.. etc.

In exchange for your help, I would love to know how I can best provide value to you- Referrals, spiffs, knowledge, or many other creative avenues you can think of.

I’m looking for: Phoenix and surrounding, Tucson, northern az, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

Hit me with a comment or inbox if you’re interested in working together.

Thanks in advance,


✔️ First BP post in the books.

@Brandon Rhoades - first off, nice name by the way. I will speak up and say I check of a few of the boxes you mentioned above (investor, agent, licensed contractor) in the Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater area. Feel free to message me directly to chat more about this area and what you have going here. 

@Brandon Rhoades if you can maintain a monthly subscription, I definitely recommend PropStream. They can provide you with all that data. If you’re looking to only pull lists from time to time on a budget, ListSource is an excellent alternative. Both provide you with the content you need for mass mailers but PropStream takes it a step further with a built in mass mailer feature as well as other marketing approaches such as skip-trace and no ring voicemail.