Facebook ad strategy w/ the new special ad category?

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How are investors marketing using facebook ads now with the new special ad category for housing that limits targeting to specific zip codes? I am a flipper looking for my first deal in a couple of specific zip codes so it's a bummer for me that we cannot use facebook ads in this manner anymore to generate leads. 

An alternative could be to generate a list using prop stream or whatever and then create a custom audience to target using that. Has anyone done that? How big of a list would be necessary to make this strategy effective? Could I get away with a very specific list with 200-500 addresses? Or would I need a list of 1500+ for this to be worth any time? 

@Duane Alexander

My understanding is that you can’t use a list like that for custom audiences as they haven’t opted in to being marketed to by you, aren’t on an opt-in list/customer list and haven’t visited your website. Maybe I am misunderstanding the terms and conditions of custom audiences though