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Hello everyone, I have just recently started a discord server for real estate agents or to be agents. If you have never used or heard of discord it is a platform which allows people to create communities with text, voice, and video chats. So think of the server as a real estate agent network. I have just recently become an agent myself and know it can be overwhelming trying to find certain resources. So here is a quick rundown of what the discord has in it:

~ Script practice - Want to practice a script you have or trying to find a script partner? We have dedicated channels relating to this.

~ Socials sharing - Share your social media and have other agents support one another.

~ Tips/Advice - If you have some good advice to other agents or are looking for some.

~ Exam prep/questions - We have chats specific to what you should be studying and study material.

~ Referrals

Discord link:

Hope to see some new faces in the discord soon.

@Nick Carr Discord is great as I use it a lot for non-work related communication. I've been very interested in starting a Discord server for accredited investors but my fear is the moderation of the server. What are your thoughts on this being you've spun one up. Thanks!