Accounting Software - Newbie

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Does anyone have accounting software recommendations to use when a property manager manages your properties?  We plan to continue using property managers as we grow our business.  I've investigated some of the online options, but they seem best for self-management.   One of these still might be the best options, but I figured I would ask for feedback before digging in. 

I'm looking for an easier way than Excel to track cash flow, expenses and do reports.  Ideally, I could import my monthly reports from our property managers. 

Thank you for your help!


You'll need software that can consolidate your transactions from:

  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Loan Statements
  • Property Management Statements
  • Closing Statements

My top recommendation is QuickBooks Online. There are others out there as well, but QBO has the lions share of the market.