Algorithmic Deal Screening

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Hi everyone, 

I'm a quantitative analyst in Chicago and I built a deal screener in my free time to filter through MLS data and find undervalued properties based on comps in the same area. You can select the % undervalued you are looking for (although tbh I haven't found much success finding many properties that are discounted >= 70%). Currently, I only have IL MLS data but I am actively working to expand the dataset across other states through my broker relationships.

The intention is to help investors like us save time finding high-quality deals for BRRRR. Please contact me if you want to learn more and comment below with any questions or feedback on how you think this could improve the community.

Thanks! :)


@Praneeth Chandu - That is awesome that you build a program that can analyze properties so quickly.  And even better that you were able to build something like that in your free time.  Even if there aren't that many properties less than 70% you just make a bunch of offers for the ones that do.

I'd love to connect and learn more about it.  Shoot me a PM and we can figure out how to properly leverage your tech.