Can I turn down section 8 in Florida?

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I recently had another rental go on the market in the fort Walton beach/Destin/niceville area. I had a request from someone wondering if I would accept section 8 tenants. Am I allowed to turn them down? My research indicated this can vary based on state but I didn't find much on Florida. What options do I have?

I get asked all the time. My answer is you must meet all of the requirements listed on the application. One of which is 3x rent in verifiable income. My house here rents for $1200 and I have yet to have a section 8 tenant show a $3600 income. I have yet to have one pay an application fee ($40 per adult) either. But I have had excellent tenants with great credit apply and get the house.

agree with @Mark Fries @Zach Westerfield  In our properties’ counties, Section 8 housing is an elective. And if you want to gain Section 8 tenants, you have to fill out the application with the county, go through their inspection, etc. 

if you’re not interested in having section 8 tenants, then don’t apply. And nothing wrong with telling inquirers that you don’t accept Section 8.