Landlord keeps delaying move-in

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Background information: On July 30th, I first called a building manager interested in her apartment. I explained I can only commit to a 6 month lease. After touring the apartment, I immediately applied for the apartment. She said she'd contact me by August 3rd to let me know if I was accepted. On August 5th I had heard nothing, so I called to check, and she said she'd have to wait on the background check to come in. Finally, on August 7th I was approved. She asked for an additional week to fix a leak in the bathroom, which I was fine with. I told her I was going in vacation, but I could give her the security deposit and I could sign the lease on the 13th. She said she'd email me the information about the electric company and connecting WiFi that day (the 7th).

I reached out to her multiple times after she never submitted the email. She said she needed time to send the email. The 13th comes, and I don't see any email. I ask her if we can meet so I can sign a lease, and she says her computer crashed, so she can't give me the lease, but she wants the deposit. This seemed off to me, but I gave her a check and had her write up a receipt. At this point she says the plumber never showed up, and she needs more time to get the leak fixed. I tell her I need to be moved in by August 25th because I'm a teacher and I need to be in the area. She says it will happen.

Two days ago she tells me the plumber never showed up again, and she can't give me a lease until she knows the move-in date, and that the move-in date is dependent on fixing the leak. She said she'd confirm I can move in on the 25th.

I've reached out to her today after getting no response. She has a good reputation in the community, and she rents out multiple buildings. It seems unlikely for her to scam me, but I'm ina tough position. Every time she says she'll contact me, she never does, and every time I reach out to her there's another excuse. Is there anything I can do? I wish I could back out of this apartment, but I need a place to live in that area ASAP. She's offered for me to move in a few boxes, but with no lease I don't like the sound of that.

Just keep in mind that if she is behaving this way before she gets money, it's not going to improve after. On what are you basing her reputation? Yelp? Google reviews? People are now paying people to post positive reviews, so those are no longer reliable. Unless you have word of mouth from people you know, I wouldn't trust reviews or a reputation. If she can't get a leak fixed with the unit empty, think about how much trouble it will be once you are in there.

Ask for your deposit back and look for another place. You should have bailed a long time ago.

@Lena Kelley

So you didn’t sign paperwork and just wrote a check??

Either way hey your money back and find another place.  She doesn’t seem to be scamming you, just seems this property is low on her priority list.

If she balks on returning your money, you got a problem 

Sleep in your car if you have to but start looking for another place.  You have to cut your losses at some point.   This person seems unable or unwilling to follow through.  Hope you find a place soon, best of luck!

Absolutely get your money back and rent anywhere else. Even if you have to do a month to month at first and find a better place. I can't imagine why a landlord would act like that, unless they don't care that much if they rent out their place or not.