Who knows a good property manager willing to manage a 3-unit trai

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I recently bought 21 Indian Lane, a sweet spot between Asheville and Weaverville with three singlewides and happy tenants. I'm looking for someone who can manage the 3 units in such a way that I can forget I own them, knowing they're in good hands. They are older units, but my crew will bring them up to decent shape over the next month (unless someone else wants the "honey-do" list at a profit) Joan Russel, my
short-lived previous manager, talked me out of doing this, saying her crew would do it. However after two months of "We'll take care of it next week" it has become apparent that she does not have a crew. 

I know the standard rate for rentals is 10%, but I'm willing to pay more, since trailers are by nature harder to deal with than regular houses. They're currently rented for $550 each, but market rent is more like $750-800 each,  so total management fees will be about $280-300 per month. I'm willing to go ahead and start at that rate even as we move into gradually raising rents over the next two years, since this will be an additional challenge. I won't pay extra for installing new tenants, since keeping the current tenants happy is plan A. 

Is anyone interested, or know a management company that can take care of this little cash cow for me?  :)

Ha!  Thanks, I'm pretty stoked on it. I've never bought a trailer park, but I've always thought I should try one. This one was priced below raw land value IMO, so I figure if the park get to be a PIA, I'll get rid of the trailers and build some nice houses there.  :)