Any WNC's Headed to the Conference?

1 Reply | Asheville NC, North Carolina

Hope you have a great experience there!

For me, I couldn't justify the cost. I felt like either the value isn't there or they didn't market the value well enough.

When you look at the daily agenda breakdown- it reads like a bunch of in-person blog posts/vlog posts/podcasts. It would be great if they're structured more like classes- some of the descriptions read like they could be. You know, less theory and more actionable breakdowns- we've all read the books, blogs, and listened to the podcasts.

I've found that the most valuable aspect of these conferences is the opportunity to network with others. So definitely make the most out of being surrounded by thousands? of people interested in real estate investing.

With that said, this was the only conference I had interest in attending. It (seems) much less likely to be full of upsells, mindset fluffing, and repetitive material found all over the web for free (I hope it doesn't turn out to be this). If the feedback is great on this one, I will look forward to attend one in the future.

Please do let us know how it is!