Wholesalers, Contractors and Agents in Jacksonville, NC

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Hi all,

I am interested in looking for potential buy and holds as well as great fix and flips in the Jacksonville, NC and surrounding areas. Can anyone provide any good leads on wholesalers, contractors, and agents in the area?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jay! I'm currently working with an agent in Jacksonville who has been great and - even better! - specializes in working with investors. Her name is Whittney Crouch - PM me for her contact info.

Hey Jay! Great post... I am looking for good opportunities for a fix and flip wholesale deal in Jacksonville too.

If you get any prospects that you pass on... please share let me know.

If you’re interested in a joint venture, or need funding let’s talk.

I’m looking for 3/2 SFH, $30-50k wholesale prices for area and lite to moderate rehab.

Take care.


If anyone in here knows wholesalers towards the western side of the state feel free to PM me and let me know. I'm looking more Greensboro and west from there and maybe a little in Eastern Tennessee.