Informal meet up for those in or around Wilmington, NC?

4 Replies | Coastal NC, North Carolina

Anyone up for having an informal meet up for those in or around Wilmington, NC? I've joined the local REIA, yet I'm also curious if anyone here wanted to start something.

I'm looking to build my network, as I'm sure others are as well. While this site has lots of great resources, I need to get out of my comfort zone and meet people face-to-face.

If anyone else if up for this, let's chat.

I'm always up for a local meet up if I'm in town.  My day job requires a lot of travel.  May Lynn Blake does one twice a month now.  She is a realtor for SeaCoast so you can look up her info online.  Always interested in Networking!!!!

Thank you @Steve Garner for mentioning Mary's meet-up. I found her meet up and will surely attend. Hope to see you there as well.

By the way, really enjoyed listening to your guest appearance on the BP podcast.