Color of the front door?

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I have a pretty simple one story rambler, rehab and flip, that just got a fresh coat of white paint (siding and trim). I am planning on installing black louvered shutters on the three front windows. I want to paint the front door. I don't necessarily want to paint it red because I feel like that is the color that one might expect to see and it's a bit played out, in my opinion. 

Anyone have an ideas that you like you use? I am leaning towards blue myself. 


I am 50/50 for Red or Blue. Really I think it comes down to the landscape. Can you add additional landscape elements to compliment your choice color? There should be some resemblance of color leading from the front yard/stoop to the door essentially drawing you into the home.

You can also go with white and put some highlights on it, or even a gray works.

A nice dark green would work on that house:

I agree with @Jean Bolger  

A nice, deep green would tie all of that white together nicely when played off of the landscaping

Show us a picture of YOUR house and landscaping to get better suggestions ...

Thanks for the recommendations so far. Here are some photos:

New paint w/ new light, mailbox, and numbers. You can also see the boxwood bushes that will be staying. Flowers will be planted in front of them and near the steps when we get closer to the date of listing the home.

New walkway -- it is grey and blue 

There will be a new storm/screen door and new hardware going on the front as well.

Sorry - it appears that when I posted the photos via hotel wifi that the pictures did not work. Trying again here:

New paint w/ new light, mailbox, and numbers. You can also see the boxwood bushes that will be staying. Flowers will be planted in front of them and near the steps when we get closer to the date of listing the home.

New walkway -- it is grey and blue

There will be a new storm/screen door and new hardware going on the front as well.

Thanks, and sorry for having to double post. Tagging @Steve Babiak  , too, since he reminded me to show the photos. 

If the house is a neutral color (such as white or beige), a contrasting color for the door would make it stand out (such as red). 

Hope that helps! 

Robin's egg blue seems to be a popular door color these days. I think it could look cute on your house. If cute is what you're looking for ;)

I'll vote for the red.  Maybe even throw in some vinyl shutters in black (they're pretty cheap)

I vote for a nice shade of blue to complement the bricks in the walkway.

For the record, I have little sense of style...

@Louis Leone  -- good call. Black shutters are on my shopping list and I'm hoping to put them on next week.

@Raven Parmer  -- I like the robin egg blue idea. Thank you! I think "cute" is a good way to describe what I'm going for. I'm in a neighborhood with nothing but ramblers so I want to stand out.... in a good way. 

Everyone else -- all good ideas and good input. Thank you very much. 

Since white is neutral .. you can use just about any color.   Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey, Tan ..

Are you keeping the chain link fence? In my fantasy flipping world (during driving the neighborhood) I don't know how to improve the look of the house without removing it.

@Mary lou L.   I agree, my Stager would faint with that chain link fence unless it's "dog pound";-)

@Doug W. Ok with the picture I see your "rambler" isn't a car. I think it needs a red door to get your attention with some brass (number and door knocker) then I'd nix the bushes and get some plantings. 

Lately I'm painting "CornBread", tough yellow to get, Sherwin, Behr and Benjamin can't match it, only C2.

I was over in the Bay Area today and saw a home that was painted white with a deep plum colored door. It was beautiful! 

You will find inspiration on the Houzz app. It is easy to use and loaded with interesting designs, products, and color ideas.

Best of luck with whichever color you choose.

I like white, red or black, singly, not together

The chain link fence is.... interesting. Right now the budget isn't there to replace it. My Realtor is insisting in keeping the property with a fence around the entire perimeter. A lot of the homes in the neighborhood have chain link. I'm not saying that is a reason to keep it but rather pointing out that I'm not an outlier. 

@Mary lou L.  - we removed most of the bushes but left these boxwoods on purpose. They are in great shape and we will plant some seasonally appropriate flowers to give the space some color. 

I've been looking at ideas for the chain link. How about painting it black and enclose the metal posts with wood and paint it the same color as the door? Or paint the posts (no wood) black and the fence the color of the door? Or even white? 

@Doug Wright- I get that red might be played out but white, black and red is so classic that people will remember your house.. I had a house that came back on the market and when I called some agents to say its available on the first question I had was - Is it the house with the red door?? Yes yes it is ..

You don't need to be different - You just need to sell it fast.

P.S. All my doors are red or black so I might be a bit biased.

Whatever color you paint, it's nice if you put a slightly darker accent on the rectangle shapes in the door. Gives it a nice "trim" look..

I forgot about this thread until I was responding to a different one today where someone was asking about paint colors.

I wanted to come back and say thanks to @Raven Parmer for her suggestion of Robin Egg blue. I cannot recall the exact color I went with but it was a Valspar paint from Lowes. I had numerous comments from neighbors and my Realtor about how much they loved the color. 

I agree, red front doors are played out. Im sick of them! Love the blue, cute idea!

I would also consider painting  metal railing on the steps to match the door. If you can DIY it.   I've had very good luck painting that type of rail with Alkyde paint and a small roller.  Edit, now I see it with the shutters it makes sense black

As for chain link a cheap alternative is to grow jasmin up the sides of it. You can pick up them up for 5 bucks a pop and they grow fast. I've also used cheap bamboo fencing to line chain link, that however gets very expensive very fast!

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