Want to add a dishwasher

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Behold the sadness that is the kitchen in my latest buy and hold! I plan on painting the poop brown cabinet boxes (the wood is solid) and making new doors. I really wanted to add a dishwasher, but don't see a great place to do it. If I put it left of the stove, I'll lose one of two large drawers in a kitchen with limited storage...if I cut out that weird angled cabinet to the very left, it won't leave room for the fridge. The doorway is right there and I can't have the fridge sticking out in the door.

Anyone have any ideas?

On a side note, I'd like to strangle the person who put those obnoxious wallpaper borders in every. single. room. I might have to get a flamethrower to get those things off, they're not budging.

Have you looked into portable dishwashers? They have usable counter tops on them, and can work like small islands. When it's dish time, you roll them over and hook them up to the sink. Not ideal, certainly, but it's an option. What's on the far wall in that room? One of them could sit anywhere in there, and be rolled over to the sink when needed. 

How many BR - do you need a fridge that large? Looks like you could fit it in with a standard.

...now I’m confused, what’s to the right of the cabinet to the right of the stove?

It's a 3 bedroom, 2 bath. 

That space to the right of the stove is the hookup for the washing machine. I don't love it there, but I didn't want to move it.

@Johnny Hastings , I didn't even think of a portable. There is a little corner (not pictured) on the left with nothing there, I'll have to do some measuring to see if that would work.

I remember that our very first dishwasher growing up was a portable. 

To this day my Mom refers to turning on the dishwasher as "hooking it up!"

Stick one of those little half size dishwashers just to the right of the sink. 

If to the right of the stove and to the right of the cabinet is a hook up for the washer that means there's already supply and drain lines in that area.

My first option would be to remove the cabinet to the right of the stove (keep the counter top) and you should have enough room to install a dishwasher right there.

Seccond option is an apartment sized dishwasher

Third option - no dishwasher! I personally hate them! They break down all the time. I have told my tenants if the dishwasher goes I don't replace it in the unit.

@Dawn P. is there somewhere else in the house to put the washer/dryer? You can get a dishwasher and some extra storage space, and take your clothes out of the greasy kitchen ;)

I would not install one. The storage space is more important and dishwashers are easily abused or neglected. If you want to spend money on something that will attract better tenants, get the washing machine out of the kitchen.

By the way, dishwashers need to drain. You can't run the water lines and drain lines through the oven. You would have to put the dishwasher where the oven is and move the oven to the right or you would have to find a way to route water and drainage through the wall or floor. 

It would be a big expense and add little value to the home.

Put Dishwasher where the washer goes and put the washer somewhere like a basement. Otherwise dont put one in at all. I would also switch to a regular stove now if that is an older oven. They are cheaper and easier to replace/repair (only do this if the oven is older- because parts are a challenge). For the cabinet doors it sounds like you will replace, consider only new hardware and trim then paint like the boxes if they are solid. Possibly new drawer slides. For the wallpaper, a scorer and vinegar/hot water or fabric softener work.

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