Quad Cities Investment Education Workshop

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Has anyone attended or have any information regarding the Quad Cities Education workshop?  The only information I can find is on facebook, and that is sketchy at best.  I am trying to get involved in real estate investing, and learn as much as possible from local resources.  

Kevin, there are a couple really good groups that meet up to chat on a monthly or every other month basis! There are definitely plenty of resources in the Quad City area for new investors to get started! This is a great place to start and then the meetup that meets at the Stardust by Alex Bock and Shawn Farris has a good following.

I'm always here to answer any questions you may have on the investment side from a financial standpoint as well! If you have specific questions or want to grab coffee and chat about your goals let me know!

@Kevin McAnally In addition to the meetup that Michael mentioned (we have a meeting coming up on the 19th, check out events section) feel free to check out the following event on meetup.com scheduled for September 25th “Quad Cities REIMG - Welcomes Kevin Schoonmaker with Bank Orion!”. This is put on by the same group that does the workshop and you can meet those guys and discuss further there if you are interested or just use it as an opportunity to network with like minded people. I have attended this groups monthly meeting regularily for networking and I have made some great connections. Hopefully you can make it out to network on the 19th or 25th, and get an opportunity to network with like minded people. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

Michael and Shawn, thank you for the feedback!  The first QC Real Estate workshop meeting is unfortunately also on the 19th, but I look forward to hopefully meeting you on the 25th.  I am trying to read as much as possible, as well as listen to podcasts, and appreciate the opportunity  to meet those who are already walking the walk. Thanks again.