I am trying to do a delayed financing- Why am I struggling?

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I am trying to get my ducks in a row in the WB area. I planned on buying cash, putting my rehab on the closing disclosure and than financing into a long term mortgage without having to season and get all my cash back out including rehab. I can't seem to find a bank willing to do this.

I think Delayed Financing is viewed very differently in different states and certainly by different banks. It may also affect a title insurance policy issued at closing by a title insurer and underwriter. Meaning should the rehab cost be part of the title insurance or not ? As a cash buyer you should certainly want title insurance in case of any past unknown fraud by the seller or prior owners that may come forward in the future to harm your ownership position. Title insurance makes that go away.

Aside from that if you pay cash for a home but need dollars to rehab it later then you can do a refinance using the future ARV with a HomeStyle conventional mortgage subject to its regulations, up to 75% of ARV.

Example: had a client who paid $9000 for a house at a tax sale in cash. But he didn't have enough cash to rehab it once he began ( could not do delayed financing in his state). So he did a Refinance HomeStyle rehab loan to 75% of ARV which was 100,000+, so got $75,000 on the loan to finish the rehab.