Analyzing an inspection report to figure out repair costs.

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Hi BP community,

My name is Ben Meller.

I have a multi family property under contract in Scranton PA and an inspection was done yesterday.

I am relatively new to understanding the costs for the repairs and am not sure how to go about it.

is anyone here able to help me with analyzing the inspection report and figure out the costs of repairs?

Any help including analyzing, pointing out the person who can do repairs, would be greatly appreciated.

I am absolutely willing to pay for your time.

Thank you very much and thank you in advance,


absolutly :

1. The main roofing material for both homes is a composition 3 tab shingle which typically has a life span of up to 25 years and is reported to be approximately 18-21 years old. There are areas on the exterior that have raised shingles where the nails have worked there way loose and causing the shingle material to be raised as well as moss and debris present which can allow for moisture issues on the interior .

2. There are water stains and possible mold on the plank sheeting and some rafters in the attic area of the home that have been caused by leaking of the roof or leaking around the chimney flashing.

3. here is active knob & tube wiring present in the attic area of the front home which is the reason for the ungrounded outlets present. 

4. There are live exposed wires in the basement area of the rear house which should be placed inside a junction box and covered to avoid possible electric shock or fire due to arcing of the electricity. 

5. The building codes have changed since the home was built and there should be some updates done on the electrical system for proper safety in the home. There should be GFCI outlets added to the kitchen area of the back house as all outlets within 6 feet of water or on a kitchen counter should be GFCI protected.

6. There are cracked windows( 10)  located in the first and second floor area that should be repaired or replaced.

These are just some of the issues...