Newest value-add project in Florence, NJ

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I am not selling anything so I do not think I need to post this in The Marketplace. I just thought you might find it of interest, This is our 2 family in Florence, NJ. My partner, Adam Kuhl always does an amazing job. Equally as important as the rehab is the financing. We have purchased seven properties within the past 12 months, many using none or very little of our own money. 

@Rick Stein  thanks for posting! Always great to hear from a fellow Texan. Bigger Pockets does have some good state specific forums and Texas is their most active forum. Don't know if you invest here but would love to have you there if you do.

Now, you can totally post about your own projects.  There's even a template and a forum to do so if you want.  Keep the good news coming!  Glad to hear that it's working out for you.