[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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@Monica Soyemi cash out refi will be limited to 75% of ARV or 600k. Taxes will not remain at the same amount. Hard to determine if capex is sufficient. A 1000 sf home vs a 10000sf home have different capex numbers. Is this a sfh or multiple units. 3% vacancy is your tenants staying an average of 33 1/3 months. 3/100=1/33 1/3. I like to analyze at 8% or 1 turnover per year. You will have new loan fees when you refinance.

@Monica Soyemi  I have lots of questions here:

  • where is this property located at?  Where can you rent a house for $8,000 per month like this? 
  • Is this a multi-family property?
  • Who is lending you 85% of the ARV of a property?
  • Who's giving you 3.5% on an interest rate right now?  Is this a primary home?
  • Why do you need so much out of pocket? Generally speaking you should be getting 75% of the ARV on a property. And why is that rate 8% at 30 years?

Just lots of questions.  Can you give us some more details on this property? I think we can advise a little better with some more details please.

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