Peeping to take over my first rental. In need of a checklist

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I am just about to move into my new 4 unit property. I have read up and know all the basics I need to set up but what does everyone feel is something they wished they had done in the beginning?

@Matthew Anderson great question ! I think a lot of it is really just getting in and getting involved. You’ll learn as you need to. Everything might go very smooth but maybe a hot water heater goes on a Sunday and you need to get some one in to fix it. You’ll find yourself your HVAC guy.

So I’d say 1) find a team of people to handle things you can’t.

2) make sure you know how your accepting rents and that you’ve made contact with your new tenants. Unless it’s vacant.

Really it’s all just about going through it and getting comfortable. House hacking can be a great thing. Personally I’m doing it right now and I have to say I love/hate it. There’s times where I feel I want more privacy than for my tenants to see me living my daily life. And there are times where it’s great.

Hope any of this helps and good luck and congrats !

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