Thoughts on Renter Proofing During Rehab

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I'm under contract for my first SFH rental and working on bids for rehab. From the podcasts I've heard of some owners "renter proofing" by using sturdier cabinets, thicker drywall, tile instead of wood flooring, etc with the thought that this will reduce likelihood of damage and reduce repair costs and time. I'd like to hear some thoughts on the benefits of this vs. cost and if anyone practices this method. I'm planning on holding for long term, probably 15+ years. Will the extra costs be worth reduced headaches during that time?

@Michael Downs You’re thinking about this the right way! Aside from the general cosmetic updates we make to increase the equity in the property, I always walk through and update/replace anything that can, “wake me up at night”.

In other words, anything that will likely fail with a tenant in place gets replaced. Cheap faucets, flimsy cabinets, old toilets, etc...

The better quality product you’re able to create, the better the tenant and in most cases, less headaches down the road.

Budget for the upgrades appropriately and if the numbers still work, get to work! 😁Good luck!

@Michael Downs   Some of those are good.  Buy solid cabinets, look at durable flooring and finishes.  For flooring, tile can be good in a bathroom, but what happens if a tile cracks or breaks?  Look at vinyl plank where you can replace damaged pieces.  Start by looking at what you have and if it is in good shape, leave it.  You can replace it later (ie don't rip out a perfectly good hardwood floor to put in tile).  Not sure about thicker drywall.

@Michael Downs . Hello , Have over 100 rentals , and have remodeled all of them . I use the better products as they will save you money at the end, and less service calls. Have been having good results on the pvc flooring . More than the cost look at the durability , not necessary the most expensive. Good luck thanks

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