Brrr investing in winter

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Hey guys. I’m looking at houses to brrr in northeast pa. Being that winter is coming up fast, I’ve been wondering if a rehab would be too much of a pain for contractors in the winter. Or would it be an advantage in a way because other jobs would be slowing down? Basically I’m looking to read some member experiences with rehabbing houses in the winter months. Thanks !

I think you will find most of the busy contractors are already booked a few months out.  At least that's why I found in my area.  I would be a little leary of someone saying they can start tomorrow.  Your biggest issue will be finding tenants to move in winter.  Most do not want to move during that time.  There is still a possibility you find someone, but you would get more applicants in May then you will in December or January.

@Brent Paul very true about rental applications... my first house hack that I’m living in now I started renting it out in the winter and didn’t get it filled until April. Also never thought about the fact that someone good is gonna have their schedule filled... thanks man