Starting out in a cold area

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Hello everyone,

I want to buy my first BRRRR deal and I have some area in kind but they are cold areas, and because I want to buy the property in the next few months, I have some concerns about the rehab process in that timeframe as I do not in such cold areas (with snow).

Can you give some tips?


@Lior Golan It all depends on the type of rehab you are doing.  If it's all cosmetic, then the work can be done inside.  If you are doing exterior work that requires good weather (paint, concrete, etc) then the cold can impact it (of course snow, rain, wind, etc).  I have found, contractors love taking jobs that keep them more indoors in the winter time.  So think about starting there...

@Lior Golan my thought on this is that good deals are really hard to find.  So if a good deal comes across your desk...just buy it.  Try to get the interior work done first (as suggested above) and then get any exterior work done afterwards.  Maybe even try to make the closing as far out as you can?  That way you aren't making too many payments to your acquisition loan.  Hope all this makes sense. Thanks!